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All of our party themes are unisex so check out our themes on the boys parties page too! You can also mix and match most themes if you like the sound of more than 1, to create the perfect party!

NEW Sleepover Teepees

Our sleepover teepees are a great way to celebrate your special occasion in the comfort of your own home! Everyone loves a sleepover right? We will set up your teepees with all the bedding, decorations and props for the ultimate overnight slumber! Choose a theme for your sleepover from Princess, Superhero, Jungle, TikTok, Unicorn, Rose Gold and more!

Ruby Rascals Princess party

Online Virtual Party

It’s TIME to GO ONLINE!! Celebrating a birthday during lockdown? Or maybe you just want to get your child together with their friends for some interactive fun, games and dancing for a special treat? We will bring the fun through your screen with a theme or choose general entertainment if a theme isn’t your thing!⭐️

Ruby Rascals Trolls Party

Totally Trolls Party

Our Totally Trolls party is a magical choice where the sky is the limit for fun and sparkle! Let us turn your party into a whimsical world full of singing, dancing, happiness and a whole load of hugs!! The BIGGEST, LOUDEST, CRAZIEST party EVER, but don’t let the Bergens hear!!

Ruby Rascals Princess party

Perfect Princess Party

Every little girl dreams of a royal ball with her favourite princess. From frozen statues with the Ice Queen, dancing her heels off with the Glass Sipper Princess, swimming through mermaid bubbles, or hunting the precious treasure with another fairy tale favourite, the birthday girl will be one happy little princess when she realises dreams really do come true!

Ruby Rascals Unicorn party

Magical Unicorn Party

Mysteriously magical, wonderfully whimsical, dreamy and delightful…. Just a few ways to describe the one thing everyone loves right now….UNICORNS! Let our Unicorn Princess take your party to a wonderful world of glitter, rainbows and imagination. This party is guaranteed to leave you guests daydreaming and dancing their way home!

Ruby Rascals LOL Surprise Party

LOL Surprise Party

Glam, Glitter, Divas, Dolls, Bows, Balls, Bling, Bae, Sass, Sparkle and a whole load of SURPRISES! Just a few words to describe our LOL parties! Take you party guests to a dolls world that is oozing fabulousness and fun!

Ruby Rascals Greatest Circus Party

Greatest Circus Party

Ladies and gents this is the moment you have been waiting for!…… Bringing you the Greatest Circus Party in town! Tight roping, singing, magic, strongman contests, it’s time to become a showman, but who will be the greatest? A party that will have your audience talking about it for weeks after!

Ruby Rascals Mary Poppins Parties

Mary Poppins Parties

Are you looking for a Supercalifabulous party? We are certain Mary Poppins has one in that never ending bag of hers. She is guaranteed to put a marvellously musical and magical touch on your party! After all in every job that must be done there is an element of fun….right? A practically perfect party in every way!

Ruby Rascals Wicked Descendants Party

Wicked Descendants Party

An EVIL but AWESOME party! After all, they are at their best when they are doing their worst! A spellbinding party taking your guests to a wicked world of twisted fairytale, evil queens, fairy godmothers, villains, poison apples and those devilish descendants of course! One thing is for sure, your party will be rotten to the core!

Ruby Rascals Little Pony party

My Little Pony Party

Friendship is magic and sharing kindness is what we love to do! Rarity just loves being centre of attention and will arrive to your party fashionable and fabulous of course! Pony parties are just the best, full of friendship, love, laughter, magic and of course cutie marks for EVERYONE! You are bound to be the most popular little pony in town after this party!

Ruby Rascals Shimmer and shine party

Shimmer & Shine Party

SHIMMER, SPARKLE, SHINE, it’s your genies devine! Let our genie take your party on a magical adventure and make all your birthday wishes come true! With a magic carpet ready to ride, a golden lamp to grant your wishes and precious gems to bring the sparkle, your genie will be all set to create the party you have always wished for!

Wonderland Party

Your guests won’t want to be late for this very important date! Help Alice search for her golden key, build a house of cards for the evil Queen, play the tweedles copy cats, and run faster than the white rabbit, a party perfect for loopy Madhatters!

Ice Queen Party

Ice Queen Party

Let our Ice Queen create a storm and turn your party into an ice kingdom! Practice your best ice statues, hunt magical sparkly snowflakes, dance through falling snowballs and even enjoy a snowman building competition! This is one party theme that can guarantee you won’t get a cold reception!

Ruby Rascals Arty party

Arty Party

Stick, snip and sparkle it’s time to become a messy rascal! All children love a free pass for sticky fingers, so chose our arty party and let the little ones get creative. With options such as cookie decorating, friendship frame making, jewellery creations and many more, lets go crazy with the crafts!

Ruby Rascals Talent Show party

Talent Show Party

Singing, joking, acting, dancing or talking about potatoes? Whatever your talent, this is your time to shine! With enough games, prizes and props to get Louis Walsh warmed up, it will be time to take to the stage to wow your party guests and take turns to be a judge too!

Ruby Rascals story time character party

Storytime Character Party

Our Storytime characters are perfect at putting the magic into any occasion. Maybe Tinks or her friend Peter will show up from a land far far away? Will you invite crazy cowgirl Jessie, heel clicking Dorothy or a certain Miss Minnie? Sing along to well known songs and enjoy dancing and games inspired by their enchanting stories.

Ruby Rascals All Things Pink party

All things Pink Party

Love all things pretty and pink? We know a blonde dolly who certainly does! Invite your friends to a girly world of music, mini makeovers, dress up, feather boas, pink pom poms and a whole lot of sparkle. As Ken would say ‘Come on Blondie, Let’s go Party!’

Ruby Rascals Fairy party

Enchanted Fairy Party

Explore a land of rainbows and unicorns, far away where a mystical fairy awaits you! She will grant your birthday wishes with a sprinkle of magic pixie dust and captivate your friends with trillions of sparkly surprises under her wings, crystal quests, bubble fun and glitter tattoos, the sky’s the limit!

Ruby Rascals Disco party

Disco Dance Party

Calling all disco divas and dudes! Do you love singing to the latest pop songs and learning new dance moves too? With laser lights, dance contests, disco props, glitter tattoos, tons of your favourite tracks, your party is bound to rock up at the top of the charts!

Ruby Rascals Glitz & Glamour Make Up Party

Glitz & Glamour Make Up Party

Snap! Click! Pose! Every little lady loves to rummage through a grown up wardrobe and pose for the camera, this party lets them do just that! Nail painting, mini make overs, and hair styling alongside a catwalk show for the mini models, they will leave your party feeling and looking fabulous!

Ruby Rascals Onesie party

Onesie Pamper Party

We love pretty party dresses but let’s swap them for our onesies for this party! Let us set up the ultimate pink, fluffy, pamper heaven with cushions and throws, friendship crafts, mini make overs, scrummy snacks, nail painting, girly games, dress up and even pamper bags for your guests to take home!

Ruby Rascal party

Ruby Rascal Party

This awesome, action packed party is ideal for a mixed group of boys and girls of all ages. From dance competitions, crazy limbo, hula hooping, parachute fun, balloon and bubble madness, pass the parcel and gazillions of prizes, the fun filled Ruby Rascal Party will not disappoint!

Ruby Rascals Monster High partyRuby Rascals Monster High party

Monster High Party

All in line for ghoul school! Get ready for class with face repair, claw painting and fierce fashion designing, before heading to High School with your monster friends. Enjoy fearleading practice, mummy wrap contests, a monstrous hidden treasure hunt, and crazy quiz time, all before your ‘schools out’ monster disco!

Ruby Rascal party

Bonkers Blippi Party

WOW! AMAZING! AWESOME! An educational party filled with the enthusiasm and energy of loveable YouTube sensation Blippi. Watch your young party guests learn about colours, counting, movements, sounds, sharing and most of all FUN! The perfect party for little party people!

Favourite TV/Film Party

With so many popular TV shows and Film Characters around, we are bound to have missed something, You name it, Ruby Rascals can create it, with themed music, games, prizes and props for any theme you desire! Imagination has no limits!

Christmas/Halloween Party

Do you need Santa’s little helper, an Easter bunny or a wickedly wonderful witch to entertain at your seasonal occasion? With themed music and party games your guests could be rocking around the Christmas tree, mummy wrapping their friends or hunting for Easter eggs! Any occasion can be catered for!

Character Doorstep Visit

We know that there is no better feeling than seeing your child’s face light up and we have lots of fabulous characters who can do this for you! Just imagine their little face when they open the front door to find their favourite character on the doorstep ready to sing happy birthday, present a gift, have photos and more! Book now from just £50! Social Distanced visits at their best!

If you like the sound of more than one of our themes we will be happy for you to mix and match them to create your ideal party. Parties start from £115 and can be for 60/90/120 minutes, they will each include themed music and party games, balloon modelling, glitter tattoos, dancing, laser lights, pom poms, puppets, competitions, prizes and medals and a special birthday gift. We also offer a 30 minute guest appearance from £60. Please contact us for more information and prices.

The photos throughout this website are taken by the amazing Stacey Wimbledon-Emig from For Keeps Photography. If you are looking to capture great memories at one of your parties then we highly recommend her services. She has been a professional photographer for the past 6 years and specialises in children and baby photography, her website can be found by clicking on this link – www.4keepsphotography.co.uk